Friday, April 3, 2009

Green Recipes

I have been holding back so much info from you all, I'm sorry!! Here are some great recipes that we are using at our house to be green and save green!

I have seen many recipes for homemade laundry soap floating around the Internet, and I finally tried it out. I wish I had known about this years ago!! It is easy to make, works great, and is so incredibly inexpensive it seems too good to be true, but it's not! Here is the recipe that I used laundry soap

Try it out and tell me what you think.

Also, I made our own toothpaste. I had heard a long time ago that Fluoride wasn't good for you, but hadn't taken the time to do much research. Thankfully I have a friend that loves to investigate these things and share all her knowledge :-)) You can check out Aprils blog here. She doesn't have the fluoride info on her blog yet, so I'll just forward on the video she found. Go here to watch a video on how fluoride got into our drinking water and what you need to know about it.

After watching the video my husband threw out the toothpaste, and so I was forced to finally make toothpaste like I have been intending for years. Here is the recipe I used. I suggest using a bit less salt. We all like it, well dd is having a little fit, but I think she'll come around. It is very similar to arm and hammer toothpaste. We used freecycled baby food jars that each person got to decorate. I think the kids like having their own "special" toothpaste, so that helped in the transition.

Again I'd love to hear what you think if you make it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Very Good Read

Do you dream of homesteading? Or just like reading about crazy people who do? Well, if either of these apply to you, or you just do everything people tell you then you should read this book!

Jenna Woginrich wrote the book "Made from Scratch, Discovering the Pleasures of a Homemade Life." It is a quick read that really got me excited again about having our own place. Not that that took a lot of doing. She quickly goes over gardening, bee keeping, chickens, packing with dogs, and more. Jenna was just 26 when she wrote this and was living in Sandpoint Idaho, which happens to just be 80 miles north of where my hubby and I met!!

She also has a blog that is fun to read . She is young and sarcastic, which tends to be my favorite to read!

Check your library, they probably have it, that's where I found my copy!!

If you read it be sure to let me know what you think!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

blah, blah, blogging

I admit, I have been slacking. It's not that I don't have anything to write about. It's that I have too much. I think I should just do a little each day. I'll work on it, just for D's sake at least!!

So tonight I will tell of ten things I have been thinking of blogging about lately.

1. A new website I found that is very cool it is a great kids game. Seriously let your kids mess around on that!

2. Where does God want us to move?? He knows the desires of our hearts, but what if our desires are selfish????

3. I so love homeschooling! It is AWESOME to watch your kids learn, and they think it's fun at the same time, bonus!

4. I love the library. Wherever we move, they must have a library. Ok, maybe not, as long as I have DSL. But a fantastic library would be a huge bonus!!

5.Friends; aren't they great, hard, frustrating, inspiring, tiring, loving, funny, bad company, good company, etc.

6. Facebook. I am so loving Facebook!! I feel like I start my day with all my buddies!!

7. It's almost my birthday and I am at the age where I am starting to forget my age. I never thought that would happen, but it does, TO EVERYONE!

8. I'm really glad Elijah got Legos for his birthday, because I really like playing with them!

9. We are learning to play chess at our house. I have always wanted to learn but just didn't for some reason and now Ryan has taught me and I in turn taught the kids and we are having a blast! I'm sure we have a lot to learn in the way of strategy, but for now we are all enjoying playing with each other.

10. Obama is now our President. I see the good and the scary. My heart is heavy for the nation. I pray that there will be many positive surprise this year and that history will prove that G.W. Bush was a good president, he just wasn't our most eloquent. I am glad for him that he gets a break now.

I will post more as I think of it. I'd hate for my readers to become bored!

Friday, January 9, 2009

What is your child being taught?

If you have children please watch this video. It is not meant to condemn anyone, but rather to just get you thinking. It is easy for us to just blindly do what we have always done.

God has recently showed me that we are like frogs in a pot of water and the temp is slowly being brought up so that we don't even notice it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sophie has a new hobby, jumping rope! She has been asking for one for a while now and the other day I found a good deal on a good quality one so we HAD to get it.
This girl so impress' me. She is a natural athlete. In the past week she has jumped during most of her free time. She can now jump forwards, in a couple different fashions, backwards, with her eyes closed, while turning in a circle and is working on new tricks all the time.
I wanted to show her some new tricks so we checked out youtube. Check out this video for some awesome jump roping!!
It reminds me of my cheerleading days! I'll have to upload some video of her soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Joy is 3 months old today!!

Isn't she cute!! My Joy! I can't believe she is three months old already!
She is about the easiest baby you can imagine. She loves to smile at her brother and sister all the time and now is working hard on talking to us! It is sad to see her grow up so fast, but I know good times will come.
Thanking Jesus for my babies today!! What a blessing!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Ryan and I just got home from watching Fireproof. It was such a great movie! My eyes are still incredibly swollen and hurting. Sitting here starring at the computer isn't helping all that much!

I highly suggest this movie to everyone!! Even if you aren't married yet, it gives you a lot to think about. You can tell that the actors aren't all that experienced, save Kirk Cameron of course. But all together it really is a great movie!

If you follow the link above you can watch the trailer and find out much more about it. Take a look, see what you think.